Cole's Newswire August 18, 1995
Vol. 1, No. 8

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    Osiris News Desk, "mission control for editors," is now available from ATS of North Andover, Mass.

    The multi-purpose newsroom information system provides status displays for page elements en route to production, as well as capabilities for writing and editing in Microsoft Word. The Windows-based program is fully integrated into ATS' Osiris II Publishing System.

    ATS also has upgraded its page layout program, Osiris QuikLayout 3.0. In addition to incorporating Adobe Acrobat image viewing functions, the upgrade has enhanced such features as the user interface, text-to-archive transfer, automatic text boxes, story reservations in layouts and size-to-fit text boxes to ensure that all of a story appears in a layout.

    Germany-based Alias has introduced an enhanced version of its Eclipse image editing software, Version 2.5 with accelerated performance.

    Rendering speed has been nearly doubled, while effects and corrections take half the time they used to in handling image files as large as 200 megabytes. Eclipse, which runs on Silicon Graphics workstations, features object-based composing and editing capability, image warping and customizable brushes for image editing.

    For Macintosh users, Alias also has licensed Xinet Inc. of Berkeley, Calif., to provide links between Eclipse files and page layout programs running on Macs. File conversions are unnecessary; Eclipse files are left untouched while low-resolution versions are made available to layout programs such as Quark XPress. On output, the high-res Eclipse files are picked up by Xinet's FullPress integrated open pre-press interface product.

    Baseview has made archiving Quark XPress pages simpler and easier with a utility called Transporter and an XPress XTension called Archiver.

    Baseview, a Macintosh-only software developer based in Ann Arbor, Mich., developed Transporter to move images and stories into and out of a given database. It monitors folders on the production network, and either imports or exports files into those folders.

    One of the destinations for files could be a folder labeled To Be Archived, from which files would be directed to an on-line archive. With its buttons simply dragged onto Quark pages, Archiver gathers such data as headlines, stories and captions, attaches a date, page number and zone if applicable, then forwards the files to a folder from which Transporter would make the transfer to the on-line archive.

    Also, next week Baseview will be sponsoring a free day-long pagination seminar to be held in Ann Arbor. Speakers include Consultant Neil Chase, Dayton Daily News Systems Editor Jeff Adams, Chris Gulker of Apple Computer and Gary Cosimini of Adobe Systems. The event is Aug. 23, and more information can be obtained on Baseview's Web site ( or by sending e-mail to

    Oklahoma City-based DataTimes has joined with American City Business Journals Inc. to develop local and regional information services for small businesses that will be made available through the planned Microsoft Network on-line service. The agreement will provide the first on-line outlet for American City's 28 regionally-focused journals devoted to small business news.

    DayStar has begun distributing PhotoMatic version 2.0 as freeware through its home page on the World-Wide Web ( The company, based in Flowery Branch, Ga., says PhotoMatic allows users to create macros for use with Adobe Photoshop and AppleScript.

    As freeware, PhotoMatic is available to anyone who wishes to use it without having recourse to support, which DayStar will not be providing.

    Newspapers eyeing the Enterprise advertising system from Atex Publishing Systems Corp. now can include as an option credit card processing software from Edgil, of North Chelmsford, Mass. Edgil's EdgCapture provides payment automation and funds transfer functions for processing purchases made with credit cards.

    San Jose-based Frame Technology has begun shipping FrameMaker Release 5. The document software has beefed up features such as an integrated HyperText Markup Language document conversion utility and tighter links to Adobe Acrobat software.

    Several new products designed to enhance newspaper productivity have been introduced by FSI of Wichita, Kan. They include the ADvance Pro classified layout and pagination software, the Windows-based Mets editorial system, LiveWire remote input and wire-capture software, and the sales management program ADvance Sales, now for Windows.

    ADvance Pro runs in concert with Quark XPress to paginate classified and display ads, processing a 12-page section in as little as 16 minutes on a Macintosh Quadra 650. The Mets editorial system integrates Microsoft Word and XPress in a package not before sold in the United States.

    Three companies have signed agreements with LEXIS-NEXIS of Dayton, Ohio:

    --Cable News Network (CNN) of Atlanta has selected NEXIS as the only on-line source for CNN transcripts in the business and legal markets. Such transcripts will appear on-line shortly after a program is broadcast.

    --Pantheon, a systems integrator based in Seattle, and Advanced Technical Solutions Inc., a newspaper systems supplier based in North Andover, Mass., have agreed to distribute the NewsView Solutions line of image and text archiving products from LEXIS-NEXIS.

    Advertising software supplier Multi-Ad Services of Peoria, Ill., has announced several software product upgrades and introductions:

    -- The Creator Add-On Series has two new entries, AutoExport Version 3.7, which automatically exports multiple sets of Creator files to EPS files, and Creator General Borders and Creator Seasonal Borders, packages of 100 borders each for enhancing the appearance of advertisements.

    -- Classified Advertising Management Software (CAMS) has been upgraded. The Macintosh-based CAMS 4 includes an improved rate structure and classification-independent rate tables.

    -- An interactive CD for training users of Multi-Ad Creator has been introduced. It features a continuous story line that guides students through 56 topics and 32 subtopics on how to use Creator.

    Productivity of the Panther family of imagesetting systems has been enhanced, according to PrePRESS Solutions of East Hanover, N.J.

    The Panther RIP now has "integrated hot folders" into which image files destined for output may be deposited and from which the Panther RIP will retrieve them on output without user intervention.

    Large-format, plain-paper output capability has been added with a driver for the Hewlett-Packard DesignJet 600 and 650C plotters. The driver runs on Macintoshes and Windows-based systems.

    PrePRESS Solutions and Adobe Systems Inc. of Mountain View, Calif., have joined to make Panther products Adobe OPEN compliant. Adobe OPEN is a Mac-based product that links off-the-shelf pre-press applications running on Macs, Windows and Windows NT systems. OPEN users can create customized workflows to help automate production with profiles and setups for each application in the production pipeline.


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