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    This Mortsel, Belgium-based company has announced that it is integrating the North American equipment manufacturing operations of Autologic Information International Inc. with those of Agfa Graphic Systems', which are in Wilmington, Mass. Autologic manufacturing is currently located in Thousand Oaks, Calif.

    The integration follows Agfa’s acquisition of Autologic last December and the ongoing merger of the two organizations. The company said it "recognizes the strengths of Autologic’s technology and R&D" and that Autologic hardware and software research and development "will be further maintained and developed in California."

    Autologic is on the Web at, while Agfa is at

    This provider of fonts and font technologies has introduced 22 fonts available exclusively from its web site, The new fonts comprise six typeface families: Tugboat Annie, Mustang Sally, Woodley Park, Cruz Handy, Maidenhead and Haarlemer.

    Agfa Monotype is on the Web at and

    This Cupertino, Calif.-based supplier of computer hardware and software has introduced a new one-unit rack-mount server designed to use Apple's UNIX-based Mac OS X Server software.

    Xserve features dual 1 gigahertz PowerPC G4 processors that each have 2 megabytes of Double Data Rate (DDR) L3 cache. Xserve is the first 1U server to use DDR SDRAM memory with up to 2 gigabyte capacity. Xserve offers up to 48 gigabytes of storage on four hot-plug ATA/100 drives and networking with standard dual Gigabit Ethernet ports. Xserve includes an unlimited user license to Mac OS X Server software.

    Xserve is designed for applications with intensive input-output activity, such as digital video, high-resolution digital imagery and large scientific datasets, in addition to file and web serving.

    Xserve will be available in June; customers can place orders on-line through the Apple Store and through Apple authorized resellers.

    Apple is on the Web at

    This Ann Arbor, Mich.-based supplier of publishing software has announced that its CirculationPro product has been rewritten and is now platform-independent. AdManagerPro and ProductionManagerPro also have been upgraded.

    CirculationPro now offers many server options, including Macintosh OS X, Windows and Solaris. Servers can be accessed by virtually any computer, using just about any recent web browser.

    AdManagerPro 4.0 is now a series of client-server applications connecting to SQL databases via TCP/IP and has been designed to be database-neutral; it is currently shipping with FrontBase but other database options will be added later.

    ProductionManagerPro 1.7 features compatibility with Multi-Ad Creator 6 and below, from Multi-Ad Services Inc. of Peoria, Ill., in addition to working with Quark XPress 5 and below and Adobe InDesign 1.5.

    LiveIQue 2.5 now features access control, which allows publishers to restrict access to certain web site features to registered visitors only. IQueWeb 1.0 is a WebObjects-based application that provides browser-based access to the IQue databases.

    Baseview, a subsidiary of MediaSpan Group Inc. of Research Triangle, N.C., is on the Web at

    This London-based supplier of graphic arts software has announced Atomik 3.0 Developer Edition, a version of its Quark XPress-to-XML solution. It contains all the functionality of the standard version of Atomik 3.0 plus tighter third-party integration and automation, enabling it to become a component of editorial systems including Quark Publishing System (QPS).

    Atomik 3.0 Developer Edition includes support for AutoPilot -- an XPress and QPS automation tool developed by Callas Software in Germany. Through a "hot folders" mechanism, users can simply drop XPress documents into any designated folder, and Atomik and AutoPilot extract the XML automatically without any need for user intervention.

    The suggested retail price for Atomik 3.0 is $19,995 or 24,292 Euros, depending on the country of purchase. Multi-user pricing is also available.

    The company also said that it has partnered with Xyleme S.A. of Paris to provide Xyleme's News & Publishing System with XML export.

    Xyleme is on the Web at, while Easypress is at

    Xpedx, a leading national distributor of printing and graphic imaging pre-press equipment and supplies, has become an Enfocus Software Certified Reseller and Certified Trainer, the companies have announced.

    Under the program, xpedx will resell the latest Enfocus Certified PDF Workflow solutions as well as offer certified training and support for those products. In addition to having Enfocus certified sales experts, xpedx will have a certified Enfocus trainer on staff at its Digital Imaging National Technology Center in Cleveland.

    Xpdex, based in Covington, Ky., is on the Web at Enfocus is based in Belgium with U.S. offices in San Mateo, Calif.; it is at

    Knight Ridder Digital, the San Jose-based operator of the Real Cities network of local media web sites, and San Francisco-based LiquidSeats have announced an expanded agreement to provide Real Cities users with the LiquidSeats' StubHub Ticket Marketplace product.

    During the first phase of the new agreement, LiquidSeats will extend the StubHub product to Knight Ridder Digital's owned and operated Real Cities Web sites. Each site will have its own co-branded ticket marketplace. The rollout of additional Real Cities properties comes after a successful initial offering of the StubHub product on

    StubHub allows ticket holders to resell unused tickets for all live events directly to other fans. The system handles all payment processing and delivery; sellers can post their tickets for sale at a fixed price or by auction.

    Knight Ridder Digital is on the Web at , while LiquidSeats is at

    Philadelphia Newspapers Inc., publishers of both the PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER (365k) and the PHILADELPHIA DAILY NEWS (152k) and owned by Knight Ridder of San Jose, has signed an agreement with Mactive for an advertising system. Mactive is Knight Ridder's sole supplier of advertising systems.

    The 355-seat AdBase system will handle the order entry requirements for both classified and retail advertising. The papers will use Mactive's PageLayout application for classified pagination, page layout and page dummying, and Mactive's Money Manager application for accounts receivable. WebBase will be used for web order entry.

    Sun servers and Microsoft Windows 2000 clients will be configured with an Oracle database.

    Mactive, a wholly owned subsidiary of Fusio of Helsingborg, Sweden, is based in Melbourne, Fla., and is on the Web at

    X-Rite Inc. and Monaco Systems have announced an agreement to include MonacoPROOF color management system in the new X-RiteColor Ensemble Solutions, which are available directly from X-Rite.

    The special X-RiteColor Ensemble Solutions bundles MonacoPROOF with X-Rite's Monitor Optimizer and DTP41 AutoScan Spectrophotometer, providing users with an accurate color management system.

    X-RiteColor Ensemble Color Management Solutions are priced at $3500 and $3600.

    X-Rite, based in Grandville, Mich., is on the Web at, while Monaco, based in Andover, Mass., is at

    The DALLAS MORNING NEWS (495k) has installed SeeColor's Computer-to-Proof color halftone proofing software. SeeColor will used at the paper's remote printing facility in Plano, Texas, to provide proofs of about 60 color pages each day.

    SeeColor, based in Mountain View, Calif., is on the Web at

    New York's ALBANY TIMES UNION (99k) has installed the SCS/ClassPag classified pagination system. A member of the Hearst Newspapers group, the TIMES UNION publishes six to eight classified pages daily and 50 or more pages in weekend editions.

    Using SCS/ClassPag, the Times Union produces four products: the daily, the automotive weekly, Vitals (obituaries, memorials, etc.) and the Home section. SCS/ClassPag interfaces with a variety of advertising front-end systems. At the TIMES UNION, SCS/ClassPag interfaces with an SII classified advertising system.

    SCS, located in Nazareth, Pa., is on the Web at

    The PHILIPPINE DAILY INQUIRER (250k) has purchased a 60-seat publishing system from Tera to put out its new publication, LIBRE, a free tabloid targeting commuters

    The companies said it took only 20 days to install a complete 15-seat GN3 publishing system, including Tera’s Tark archiving system, and train the LIBRE team. This involved designing a tabloid from scratch for a distribution of 100,000.

    Tera, based in Milan, Italy, with U.S. offices in Bedford, N.H., is on the Web at .

    This Netherlands-based developer of Adobe InDesign plug-in applications has announced the immediate availability of Smart Styles 2.0 Plug-In, WoodWing's high-level object styling solution. Version 2.0 introduces support for transparency effects, drop shadows, table styling and an enhanced smart text styling engine which recognizes formatting without depending on paragraph or character styles.

    Smart Styles 2.0 is available for both Mac and Windows. Estimated street price in the United States is $149 for the full product and $49 for registered users of Smart Styles 1.x.

    WoodWing is represented in the United States by Coda Integration LLC of Ann Arbor, Mich., which is on the Web at>. WoodWing is at


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