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The Cole Papers, which covered the technology of publishing daily newspapers, was a free quarterly newsletter from 1989-1991, a paid monthly newsletter from 1991 until late 2004 and a paid weekly through until its demise in late 2005. Additionally, we published the free, weekly Cole’s Newswire between 1995 and 2002.

The entire digital archive of The Cole Papers is freely available for research (articles previous to April 1994 were never digitized). We've developed a custom Google-based search engine that allows you to search both The Cole Papers and Cole’s Newswire. Back issues can be browsed at The Cole Papers or Cole’s Newswire.

The Cole Papers was written by journalism professionals who had backgrounds in technology. Most writers were in charge of editorial systems at newspapers and magazines or had been sometime in their careers. David M. Cole, the editor and publisher, spent almost a decade running a newspaper publishing systems department at a metropolitan daily and for more than 15 years was a consultant and industry analyst.

The Cole Papers was a leading voice during the transition from proprietary publishing systems to off-the-shelf hardware and open source-based appliciations. It covered industry suppliers and their software as well as case studies of applications at work in newspapers and magazines. The newsletter spent a lot of time covering both industry-specific trade shows – such as NEXPO and America East – as well as more generic trade shows such as MacWorld.

The newsletter posited that in the future, newspapers would produce a variety of editions, some on paper and some with digital delivery. In The Cole Papers pre-press and “new media” were treated equally, so that articles in the newsletter pertained not only to the ink-on-dead-trees crowd, but also the Internet folks as well.

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